January 29, 2011

Its Getting Real Bad Out There In Egypt: Police Shoots Protester In The Head!

"Police in Egypt shoot dead protester on third day of clashes"

Crazy Azz Dude Was On Some Wild Shxt: Footage Of A Man Walking In A Detroit Police Station, Dives Over The Couter (Black-Ops Style) & Shoots 4 Cops!

"The Detroit Police Department released video Friday from the shooting at the 6th precinct station, which injured four officers and left the gunman dead."

Thats Some Tough Love: Single Mother In Jail For Running Over Her Own Son After He Refused To Give Up His Cell!

" An Augusta mother is in jail after her son accuses her of running over him with her vehicle. According to reports, Keisha Henry and her 15 year old son got into an argument at Butler High School on January 26, 2011 at around 2:30 p.m. The argument escalated and became physical when he refused to apologize to a teacher. The boy says his mother then struck him and he turned and walked away. At this point, he said she approached him while in her vehicle, telling him she wanted his phone. The report says Henry then backed up her white Yuko and drove through a parking space, up over the curb, then she ran over her son. He was struck on the left leg with the front left tire." - 12 News

How Not 2 Rob A Bank: Bank Robber Takes Hostage. Slips On Ice & Killed By 5-0!

Idiot.. s/o to vic